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Freeco Original Sanitary Odorizer Pack | Lavender | Spices

Freeco Original Sanitary Odorizer Pack | Lavender | Spices


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FreeCô is the first sanitary odor blocker in Brazil, definitively eliminating the bad smell of #2 and also the embarrassment of using the bathroom. This 60 ml version is ideal for leaving in bathrooms and toilets. At your home or at work.

How to use:

01. Before using the toilet, position the bottle at the height of the toilet lid with the spray bottle aimed at the water and spray 5 times.

02. Natural oils will create a barrier that will prevent odors

unpleasant things appear.

03. Only the aroma of FreeCô Lavender will be noticeable and the bathroom will be without any trace of bad smell.

Sprayed, used, blocked!

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