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Drumstick mold and pastry mold pack

Drumstick mold and pastry mold pack

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Coxinha mold - The Brazilian's favorite snack, we're talking about Coxinha! Now it can be made by anyone, at home and best of all, it looks perfect like the ones in buffets and cafeterias! There are controversies about the origin of coxinha, but what no one disputes is that it is the most delicious snack there is! Always wanted to make drumsticks, but think it's too much work? With the Coxinha Mold Kit you can prepare them at home and who knows, you could even sell them?! To make it, just add the indicated amount of dough and shape it, the second step is to add the filling, then just close it with the lid and that's it... Perfect drumsticks

Mold Kit for pastries - in 3 sizes. Your snacks in a standardized format and with the right measure between dough and filling! With the Mold Set you can prepare different types of savory snacks of your choice! Make rissoles, pastries, fogazzas and empanadas in small, medium or large sizes in a standardized way for your family or your business! Having this Kit on hand speeds up the production of your snacks, helping with assembly, dough cutting, filling and closing!

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