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Book, Zollinger Atlas of Surgery 10/17[LS]

Book, Zollinger Atlas of Surgery 10/17[LS]


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THE CLASSIC SURGICAL ATLAS, MORE COMPLETE THAN EVER! For more than 50 years, Zollinger Atlas of Surgery has been the main reference on the subject for documenting the most modern, safe and effective surgical techniques, covering gastrointestinal, hepatobiliary, pancreatic, vascular, gynecological procedures, laparoscopic techniques, among others. The 10th edition maintains this tradition of excellence and presents 19 new essential procedures for the practice of general surgery, such as axillary lymphadenectomy, catheter implantation for chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, fasciotomy, escharotomy, inferior vena cava filter implantation, ventral hernia repair using the open technique for separating the component parts, repairing ureteral injuries, basic thoracoscopy, among others. The graphic design ensures that each procedure is explained on two sequential pages, one containing the indications, post-operative preparation, anesthesia, patient position, operative preparation, incision, exposure of the surgical site and post-operative care. -operative; the other with colorful illustrations, which demonstrate in detail the important actions that a surgeon must perform during a surgical procedure. Consecrated throughout its editions, Zollinger Atlas of Surgery is, therefore, the best source of consultation, both for updating general surgeons and for learning for newly graduated doctors.

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