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Book, Wong Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing 10/18[LS]

Book, Wong Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing 10/18[LS]


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The 10th edition of Wong Fundamentals of Pediatric Nursing presents innovations and content updates, the stages of the childhood and adolescence life cycle, family and community-centered care and evidence-based practice as a reference framework for the composition of each of the book's chapters. In the current edition translated into Portuguese, the content was adapted to the Brazilian reality. In this sense, the legislation on professional practice and child protection, the ethical guidelines for professional nursing practice, the most recent recommendations from Brazilian government bodies were included to make the content of the work applicable to the context of nursing education and professional practice. in the country's operating scenarios. It is hoped that this textbook will be a source of consultation and training for new nurses committed to the quality of nursing care for children, adolescents and their families. Chapter 1: included the most recent data on morbidity and mortality in childhood and adolescence and released by the federal government until 2017. It presents content relating to the Unified Health System and the way children and adolescents are cared for in primary care networks in Brazil , such as oral health and the issue of overweight/obesity, for example. Chapters 2 to 6: presentation of data on Brazilian culture, such as indigenous and quilombola, based on research results published in the last five years. Includes the Ministry of Health's recommendations on vaccination. Highlighting the translated pain assessment scales, culturally adapted to Brazilian Portuguese and validated in pediatric nursing practice in the country. Chapters 7 and 8: inclusion of political and clinical guidelines for breastfeeding adopted in the country; results of Brazilian publications on the impact of government initiatives and organized civil society to encourage, support and develop good breastfeeding and newborn care practices in hospital, home and community settings. Chapters 9 to 30: adaptation to Brazilian standards for transporting children in motor vehicles, legislation to protect children and adolescence, vaccinations recommended by age and in special conditions. Inclusion of national clinical guidelines for the approach to infectious diseases, continuous and prolonged care for chronic conditions and children with disabilities, ethnic diversity, race/color and the multiple arrangements of the Brazilian family.

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