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Book, Vision and Strategic Action 4/22[LS]

Book, Vision and Strategic Action 4/22[LS]


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In summary, both seek methods to transform the organization into an excellent company, through responses to the following challenges: How to maintain the company's competitiveness in a dynamic and changing market that requires continually renewed skills? How to strategically overcome the risks of competition globalization and be successful? Where to look for competitive and differentiating advantages? How to develop the knowledge and technology required to stay and survive in the market and “get ahead”? How to value the internal forces that really make the difference (integrated teams, happy people and strategic objectives)? How to raise awareness and train all employees regarding the company's mission, vision and business? How to ensure that everyone in the organization knows how to add value to the business, the product/service, the customer and the themselves and continually improve the organization?What are the foundations of a legitimate business renewal process?The Information Age and especially the Digital Age have as their main characteristics rapid and profound, uncertain and ambiguous, unexpected and volatile changes. In this complex world, Vision and Strategic Action constitute the platform for the necessary and urgent reimagination and business renewal in a highly dynamic, changeable and competitive market. The world has transformed and change needs to penetrate companies through a new administrative mentality , which provides a true workshop of ideas and new solutions for companies. This book seeks to answer the questions raised and prepare readers for this scenario.The work provides access to the Chiavenato Digital Virtual Classroom, a tool that brings together various educational objects, such as texts for reflection, to learn more and exercises.APPLICATIONFundamental textbook for the subjects Strategic Planning and Strategic Management of the Administration, Economics and Production Engineering courses. Update reading for executives and professionals involved in planning and implementing business strategy.

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