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Book, Videosurgery in Small Animals 1/14[LS]

Book, Videosurgery in Small Animals 1/14[LS]


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Didactic and objective, this work addresses video surgery in companion animals, a therapeutic modality that involves minimally invasive techniques, including endoscopic, laparoscopic, thoracoscopic and video-assisted procedures, in addition to NOTES and LESS access. Videosurgery in Small Animals fills a gap in the literature on the subject, presenting rich content divided into 25 chapters, with detailed descriptions and illustrations. The experience of the author and collaborators is reflected in the quality of the text and in the selection of themes that make up this book, guaranteeing the veterinary community an excellent source of information about this specialty that represents more than the future of veterinary surgery: the reality of offer surgical resolutions with less discomfort, pain and injury to companion animals.

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