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Book, Three steps to gold, A: learn how to transform obstacles into[LS]

Book, Three steps to gold, A: learn how to transform obstacles into[LS]


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''Most great people achieved their greatest success just one step BEYOND their greatest failure. '' -Napoleon Hill The life of Greg, a young businessman from San Diego, is falling apart. After being abandoned by his girlfriend and seeing his business fail, he is one step away from giving up everything. Until an unexpected encounter changes the course of their story forever, and in a surprising way. A century ago, Napoleon Hill began the research that ended up resulting in his extraordinary bestseller Who Thinks Grows Rich – official and original edition from 1937, with more than 110 million copies sold worldwide. The book has inspired generations of men and women to turn their dreams into reality with its wise and effective principles of self-motivation, leadership, service, and achievement culled from Hill's interviews with visionaries of his day. Now, one hundred years later, Three Steps to Gold presents the key principles of the revolutionary bestseller through a remarkable business allegory, telling the story of how this previously struggling young entrepreneur manages to retrace Hill's footsteps after a fortuitous encounter with a powerful businessman, which sets him on a challenging personal journey of spiritual and financial growth. As you follow Greg's footsteps through a series of encounters with some of today's most important business leaders and inspirational figures who changed his life, you will find encouragement and motivation to believe in yourself, discover your own Personal Success Equation and never give up. You are just three steps away from gold!

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