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Book, General Theory of Administration v.1 (Chiavenato) 8/21[LS]

Book, General Theory of Administration v.1 (Chiavenato) 8/21[LS]


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The prescriptive and normative approaches, treated in this work, are intended to show how to manage, how to organize, how to direct and how to control organizations through principles and commands of organizational activity. In other words, mandatory and rigid means of how to direct are explored companies, from the factory floor to the corporate leadership, involving social groups and organizations, both formal and informal. Thus, we go through Scientific Administration, Classical Theory, Human Relations Theory until we reach the Neoclassical Theory of Administration. All of these approaches prevailed until the middle of the last century. This book provides access to the Chiavenato Digital Virtual Classroom, a tool that brings together various teaching resources, such as videos by the author, texts for reflection and cases for discussion, as well as mind maps and a glossary interactive. APPLICATIONTextbook for the subjects Introduction to Administration, General Theory of Administration, Theory of Organizations, Fundamentals of Administration, Functions of Administration, Principles of Administration and Administrative Process of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Administration, Economics, Accounting, Engineering , Architecture, Law, Communication, Medicine, Dentistry, among others. Update and professional retraining reading on the study of organizations.?

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