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Book, Dietetic Technique Theory and Applications 2/18[LS]

Book, Dietetic Technique Theory and Applications 2/18[LS]


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This work is the most practical and up-to-date reference on Dietetic Technique in the literature, it encompasses the fundamental programmatic contents for the graduation of nutritionists from a perspective that recognizes the role of Dietetics in the exercise of Nutrition in all spheres of professional activity. The challenges to healthy eating require more than expanding food production. Selecting an ingredient and choosing a preparation technique are actions that influence various production chains, generating economic, cultural, environmental and political implications, in addition to the predictable effect on health. This second edition, revised and updated, expands the commitment of this disciplinary field to the appreciation of local culture and the use of low-processed foods, and includes practical activities and other elements that facilitate learning. Furthermore, the content related to food quality is aligned with the guidelines of the Food Guide for the Brazilian Population, making this work an accessible and contemporary teaching resource for Nutrition students and those interested in this area.

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