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Book, Suppliers, The[LS]

Book, Suppliers, The[LS]


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With his first novel, José Falero already presents himself as one of the most relevant names in new Brazilian literature. By creating a cultured and insightful narrator — who contrasts with the urban and philosophical dialect of the outskirts at the same time — the author shows his unusual talent, creating a true archeology of poverty. Falero takes us straight to the Fênix supermarket, in the central region of Porto Alegre. That's where Pedro and Marques work, a duo that little by little takes on the role of a mutinous Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Residents of "vila" (the favela in the South), they reverse the game even if the consequences are serious. "I need to find a way to experience the things that make existence worthwhile, and I won't be able to achieve this by working." The two know people who traffic in the outskirts where they live, which is why they insist on remaining legal. But, faced with a "drought" of marijuana due to drug traffickers' lack of interest in selling it, and already tired of the exploitation of their work, the two friends decide to enter the drug trade. It's the only option to improve your life. And also a refusal to dehumanize salaried work. A refusal to the entire process of exploration.

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