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Book, Sobotta Clinical Anatomy 1/18[LS]

Book, Sobotta Clinical Anatomy 1/18[LS]


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Learn with the best Clinical Anatomy textbook! Sobotta Clinical Anatomy is adapted to all learning situations: each chapter begins with a clinical case that helps you understand the relevance of the themes and relate them to future practice. Adapted to the new teaching methodologies for Medicine, Jens Waschke, Tobias Böckers and Friedrich Paulsen bring, in all clinical cases, a student notes section, which shows how the student, based on short notes, can obtain an overview of the case when in contact with the patient. What's more: at the beginning of each chapter, there is the Skills table, containing learning goals oriented towards the specified skills, and macroscopic anatomy is always correlated to embryology, when relevant. In addition, all chapters indicate important knowledge for tests and exams. Aimed not only at Medicine students, the content also caters to Dentistry students with its detailed chapter on the head.

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