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Book, Historical synthesis and the School of Annals, A[LS]

Book, Historical synthesis and the School of Annals, A[LS]


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Contrary to what is usual, the authors of this volume set out to provide a characterization of transformational syntax not only limited to the linguistic aspect itself, but in the light of the theoretical and formal framework, within which the Chomskian theme was defined. To this end, A. Bonomi and G. Usberti sought to introduce and clarify notions that do not appear in the traditional methodological apparatus of linguistics, but which are at the heart of generative placement. Furthermore, in order for the joint discourse to be adequately problematized, they deemed it necessary to devote the same attention to semantics as is usually given to syntax. In this way they were able to bring into focus one of the most important issues that transformational grammar has to face today, that is, the need to satisfactorily outline the structure of natural languages, a task that seems to have a profound impact on the definition of the ends and methods of this theory as a whole. Such problems and, even more so, the logical and enlightening way in which they are treated make 'Syntax and Semantics in Transformational Grammar' a fundamental roadmap for transformational studies in our universities.

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