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Book, Revolutionizing Academic Performance the challenge of Isa 1/18[LS]

Book, Revolutionizing Academic Performance the challenge of Isa 1/18[LS]


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Recommended for teachers, postgraduate students and higher education students. It is also recommended for teacher training in higher education in different areas of knowledge. Recommended as a base book for discussions on the topic of academic performance in the disciplines of Higher Education Methodology, Didactics for Higher Education, Teacher Training and Didactics, in specialization, master's and doctorate courses. This book is the result of different backgrounds and visions that complement each other: education, administration, economics and accounting. To make reading more enjoyable and engaging, the authors created an exciting life story full of challenges. Isa, the central character of this narrative, presents her struggles, facing prejudice, overcoming obstacles and achievements in pursuit of her dreams. In this plot, the challenges of institutions, teachers and students in the search for better academic performance are manifested – a highly complex topic that educators face every day, but presented here in an objective and accessible way.

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