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Book, African reason, A: brief history of African thought contains[LS]

Book, African reason, A: brief history of African thought contains[LS]


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Colonialism was not just concerned with territories. It has also proven quite effective in populating minds. And, because of European and white hegemony, for a long time we knew little about intellectual production in African countries. After the colonialist period ended, it took many years for us to start valuing — and articulating — fundamental names in philosophy and social sciences on that continent. Themes such as nation, cultural autonomy, racism, identity and understanding of the black issue permeate the best thinking coming from Africa in the last two centuries. And they help us, Latin Americans and Brazilians, to read our own position in the West more accurately. This is what this pioneering book proposes, written with exemplary clarity by historian Muryatan S. Barbosa; a work of synthesis, comprehensive and sophisticated, to be read by anyone interested in building an original and innovative intellectual system. The author offers a clear and articulated overview (in terms of social history and the history of ideas) about thinkers and concepts that helped break the shackles of Africa. And the whole world

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