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Book, General Chemistry (Brady ) v.2 2/86[LS]

Book, General Chemistry (Brady ) v.2 2/86[LS]


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In this book, Chemistry is taught in a way that makes it meaningful to the student - a "living" Chemistry. Chemical principles are discussed in close co-relation with your day-to-day experiences. To clarify the text, many photographs are used, as well as other illustrations, which include diagrams specially created for the book. Simple language in the development of concepts and, by way of example, a wide range of problems solved. This work does not presuppose prior knowledge of Chemistry: new terms are carefully defined before being used, appearing in italics and included in the Index. Aiming to capture the student's interest, information is provided about the role of Chemistry in the world, with examples of chemical compounds that participate in our daily lives as natural and technological products. The exercises at the end of the chapters are divided into "Review Questions" and "Review Problems". The most difficult problems are marked with an asterisk. At the end of each chapter there is an index of the subjects covered in the exercises, helping the teacher to prescribe homework assignments and helping students to plan their study. The order of the chapters reflects the authors' tendency regarding the sequence of topics in a General Chemistry course. However, there are other pedagogically correct presentation orders. In this sense, the authors organized sufficiently independent units, so that the order of presentation can be easily modified.

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