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Book, Chemistry the Molecular Nature of Matter vol 1 7/17[LS]

Book, Chemistry the Molecular Nature of Matter vol 1 7/17[LS]


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Chemistry: the Molecular Nature of Matter offers the necessary means for learning and teaching the content of a General Chemistry course, based on concepts that allow the construction of theoretical models. To highlight the central role that Chemistry plays among the sciences, the work highlights the observation of the molecular properties of nature through the relationship between the submicroscopic and macroscopic levels. The book aims to effectively master the concept of chemical phenomena and presents the student with efficient ways to solve complex problems, in an analytical way, breaking them down into steps that form part of a plan established in a concise, clear and didactic way.Chemistry: the Molecular Nature of Matter stands out for its applicability in industry, medicine and the environment, in constant changes resulting from the profound effects of human action. It also brings, as a highlight, FREE access to a set of exclusive video classes, with essential topics of this discipline.

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