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Book, Principles of Thermodynamics for Engineering 8/18[LS]

Book, Principles of Thermodynamics for Engineering 8/18[LS]


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With a renowned pedagogical approach and clear, concise and well-founded explanations, Principles of Thermodynamics for Engineering brings together the necessary resources for the training of students in Chemistry, Physics and various areas of Engineering, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Structured in a logical way, this book relates thermodynamics to pressing issues, such as energy production, the environment, biomedicine, bioengineering and emerging technologies. This 8th edition has, as a novelty, 700 new problems and an even more didactic graphic design. In addition, it provides access to supplementary materials online, upon registration, including animations relating to fundamental subjects and the Interactive Thermodynamics software, which helps the use of computers to solve problems.Principles of Thermodynamics for Engineering also highlights the FREE access to a set of exclusive video classes, with essential Thermodynamics topics.

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