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Book, Shiatsu Practice in Traditional Chinese View 2/14[LS]

Book, Shiatsu Practice in Traditional Chinese View 2/14[LS]


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Shiatsu is a massage therapy system originating in Japan, which aims to promote, maintain and restore health and balance, in general, through touching points and areas that are fundamental to energy restoration, increasing the body's self-defense strength. . This theoretical-practical book contains more than 150 photos and drawings, which illustrate the different Shiatsu techniques: Traditional Shiatsu Barefoot Shiatsu Zen Shiatsu Express Shiatsu or Quick Massage Without neglecting the theory that guides this therapeutic technique, the authors describe the aspects of Etiopathology, Diagnostic Methods, Identification of Disharmony Patterns, add in the form of tables the main points of the Energy Channels, with their respective locations, functions and indications, in accordance with the interpretations of Traditional Chinese Medicine that provided the philosophical and theoretical bases of this massage therapy. New chapter of express Shiatsu/quick massage with a diverse version in 60 illustrations.

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