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Book, For an African revolution: political texts[LS]

Book, For an African revolution: political texts[LS]


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A powerful collection that marks the political and philosophical development of one of the most important thinkers in the anti-racist and anti-colonial struggle. Newly graduated, in 1953 Frantz Fanon leaves France to head the psychiatric ward of a hospital in Algeria, finding a country in social combustion. The following year, the war for independence broke out. Immersed in the dramatic situation experienced by the Algerian and African people in general, he joined the revolutionary movement as an intellectual and militant of the National Liberation Front. For an African Revolution is a compass for Fanon's journey, offering a privileged panorama of the development of his work and his political, philosophical and psychoanalytic theses. Written between 1951 and 1961—decisive years in which he produced the classics Black Skin, White Masks and The Wretched of the Earth—and now brought together in this powerful collection of articles, essays and letters, his political texts give proof of the transformative and original power that made his thoughts and actions a paradigmatic model of the activist intellectual. Doctor, political philosopher, theorist of colonialism and the possibilities of overcoming it, activist for African independence, the Martinican psychiatrist was above all a revolutionary, a central inspiration for the black and civil rights movements around the world. Through a deep analysis of the situation of the colonized — which he can diagnose through his daily medical experience —, Fanon dissects imperialist oppression and the devastating psychological effect caused by racism, examining issues such as Pan-Africanism, the meanings of blackness in Africa and Caribbean and the attitude of the French left towards the Algerian War. An unavoidable author, Frantz Fanon gives us the keys to understanding the mechanisms of the racist and colonial structure that continues to haunt us. The book has a preface by Deivison Faustino, professor at Unifesp and specialist in Fanon's work. “The most powerful theorist of racism and colonialism of the 20th century.” —Angela Davis

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