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Book, Sparse Poems[LS]

Book, Sparse Poems[LS]


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Sparse Poems is an amazing book. Strength, beauty, humanity and aesthetic refinement - common to all of Vinicius de Moraes' works - are found here in an unforeseen configuration: a selection of unpublished poems, or published posthumously, to which were added those that were not included in the New poetic anthology . The volume covers a vast period of the poet's production: from the early 30s to the mid 70s. When he died in 1980, Vinicius de Moraes left some books unfinished, and a large number of poems already finished, some of which were published in the press. This volume is the result of long and detailed research in books, newspapers, magazines, archives and manuscripts. This is not, however, a survey with a documentary nature: sketches, exercises, unfinished texts or texts clearly rejected by the author were dispensed with, so that only that which is up to the works published by Vinicius would come to light. At the end, the reader will also find, grouped in the "Archive" section, a study of Vinicius de Moraes' poetic journey signed by Ferreira Gullar, chronicles by Fernando Sabino and Carlos Drummond de Andrade that celebrate and remember their friend, as well as a long statement , unpublished in book form, by Caetano Veloso.

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