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Book, Pathology Clinicopathological Bases of Medicine (Rubin) 4/06[LS]

Book, Pathology Clinicopathological Bases of Medicine (Rubin) 4/06[LS]


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This fourth edition of "Pathology" represents the best and only source of the essence of pathology for students. The revised content, in addition to the substantial improvements in figures and tables, provides the reader with all the highly productive, important and necessary facts for success, and all in a visually engaging way. Thanks to the specialized knowledge and clarity of the chapter authors, in addition to the critical insight of several reviewers, students have at their fingertips the best guidelines for success in pathology. This fourth edition continues to view pathology as the medical science that deals with all aspects of disease, but with special attention to the basic nature, causes, and development of abnormal conditions. In this sense, knowledge of pathology is the cornerstone of practice and research for medical science students. Therefore, whenever possible, we relate pathological changes to clinical manifestations of the disease, as reflected in the new subtitle of the book. As in previous editions, "Pathology" maintains the traditional custom of dividing the subject into general pathology (Chaps. 1 to 9) and systemic (Chaps. 10 to 30). General pathology emphasizes the most important achievements in the study of cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry and immunology, sciences related to the current understanding of the pathogenesis of disease. Although systemic pathology is primarily concerned with describing specific diseases, the concepts detailed in general pathology are used to explain their underlying causes. For the fourth edition, many new drawings were added and many of the previous ones were revised. The number of color photographs also increased significantly. The participation of new authors in the vast majority of chapters was welcomed, and as such, the work has the participation of 44 collaborators. Special attention remains to the impact of molecular genetics on the perception of the causes and manifestations of the disease, including the correlations between genotype and phenotypic expression. For reference purposes, many of the relevant genetic mutations and their chromosomal locations are identified. The original decision to present two systemic diseases in separate chapters, namely diabetes and amyloidosis, is justified by the surprising accumulation of new knowledge in these areas. The growing importance of cytopathology as a diagnostic modality is also recognized, with a chapter dedicated to this subject.

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