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Book, For a girl with a flower[LS]

Book, For a girl with a flower[LS]


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Vinicius de Moraes - like other great Brazilian poets - made the chronicle a privileged exercise in observation and reflection. Before, therefore, the author of "Sonnet of Fidelity" also became one of the greatest lyricists of our popular song, he turned to prose and contributed enormously to the popularity of the chronicle in the country. The texts of For a girl with a flower were selected by Vinicius himself among those he had published in newspapers and magazines over 25 years, with 1941 as the starting date. The variety of themes and tones adopted is much greater than the title chosen by Vinicius suggests, and the reader will discover here some of the fundamental characteristics of his poems: lyricism, emotion, irony, attachment to the landscape and everyday events, as well as a unequivocal ability to understand human pain and joy. Add to this the singular flavor of the chronicle, achieved thanks to the adoption of clear language, a fluid rhythm and the conversion of the banal event into a subject of greater interest. In addition to the rigorous fixation of the texts, an extensive notebook of images - many of them unpublished - places the book in its time and illustrates the author's biography. The chronicles are followed by an afterword written for this edition, signed by professor and literary critic Beatriz Resende, and the transcription of two texts that are valid as documents: an interview with Vinicius de Moraes and a poem - unpublished in a book - in which the poet pays homage to his muse, Nelita.

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