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Book, Basic Orthodontics 3/13[LS]

Book, Basic Orthodontics 3/13[LS]


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This is the type of book that brings benefits from the beginning to the end of reading for undergraduate students and covers all the aspects (and more) that students will need for the exams. Anyone looking for contemporary orthodontic information suitable for undergraduate and general practice will find everything they need in this book. Journal of Orthodontics Popular among thousands of students and clinicians, this book is the introductory basis for the study and practice of Orthodontics. With increased demand and expansion for orthodontic services, the third edition has been updated to provide comprehensive guidance to current thinking and practice for undergraduate, specialist, and committed clinicians. This book covers a completely revised and updated chapter on facial growth through examination, cephalometry and treatment plan for all types of malocclusion. Contemporary appliance options are showcased, as well as the demand for adult orthodontics and innovations in interdisciplinary orthodontics. Being the most current source for beginners in Orthodontics, the work also serves as a basis for those thinking about specialization, and as a new paranorama in the orthodontic treatment of developing dentition, already established for general practitioners, pediatric dentists and other specialists. Richly illustrated with 400 full-color photographs and finished case examples, this book provides quick resources for review and an innovative section on first care in orthodontics. The selected references are designed to guide reading and develop a basis with evidence.

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