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Book, Notable Engineering Ventures in Brazil 1/17[LS]

Book, Notable Engineering Ventures in Brazil 1/17[LS]


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Engineer, professor and author of technical books, Pedro Carlos da Silva Telles has also published several works on multiple aspects of the history of Engineering in Brazil. Notable Engineering Ventures in Brazil is yet another example of his talent and his inexhaustible dedication to the task of publicizing the achievements of Brazilian engineers in various areas. This book has the important mission of bringing to the reader almost forgotten facts from our history with one common characteristic: it doesn't matter if they are roads, fortifications, ships, containment works or dams, all of them can be defined as engineering works of the highest quality. Focusing on various engineering projects in our country, from the 16th century to the 20th century, the author manages to give the reader an exact perception of the quality of all these works and the talent of the architects, engineers and others involved in all stages of their development. achievement.The publication of Notable Engineering Ventures in Brazil, in addition to bringing little-known historical facts to the public, has the valuable mission of perpetuating the memory of the engineers who contributed with their talent and effort to the relevance of engineering in Brazil.

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