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Book, Birth of Intelligence in Children, O 4/87[LS]

Book, Birth of Intelligence in Children, O 4/87[LS]


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Considered one of the world's greatest authorities on psychological sciences at all times, Jean Piaget dedicated a large part of his work to analyzing the evolution of children's thinking. Founder of Genetic Epistemology, Piaget also developed a theory of conscious knowledge as a product of a cognitive structure, which conceptualizes life as a continuous creation of increasingly complex forms, and its progressive adaptation to the external environment. For the great Swiss scientist, intelligence is the most specific expression of this adaptation behavior. In reality, intelligence consists of the individual's ability to adapt to the environment and, in this way, the cognitive process would begin in the newborn's fortuitous and diffuse reflexes, developing in stages, until reaching the adult level of logical reasoning. In The Birth of Intelligence in Children, the author studies the formation of sensorimotor schemes and the mechanism of mental assimilation, based on the discovery of the existence of a continuity between the sensorimotor and the representative, stating and demonstrating that everything that the sensorimotor constructs and reconstructs its nascent representation, before overcoming the limits that serve as its infrastructure. Special emphasis is placed on investigating the forms of pre-verbal intelligence, examining all biological problems of intelligence. Since its inaugural manifestations, the birth and evolution of intelligence are followed and described in this work, of capital importance for parents, educators and psychologists in general. Here we see the child building and coordinating their mental actions, developing their spatial intuition until they gain the capacity for full and creative adaptation to the world around them, processes seen in the light of the relationships established between reason and biological organization. There is a superior pragmatism, because it is vital, presiding over the birth of intelligence, which is the supreme way that the individual has at his disposal to stick to the universe in which he lives, understand it and be in a position to dominate it. Discover more of the author's books here.

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