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Book, Methods and Techniques of Social Research 7/19[LS]

Book, Methods and Techniques of Social Research 7/19[LS]


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Methods and techniques of social research is a book recommended for university students in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences. In Antonio Carlos Gil's book you will find both the fundamentals and the technical instruments necessary for the development of academic research. The 7th edition was updated in accordance with the widespread use of electronic procedures in both the collection and analysis of results. Ethical issues relating to research with human beings and qualitative research methods and techniques were also prioritized in this edition. Furthermore, the book addresses the subject completely, presenting topics such as: Problem formulation; Construction of hypotheses; Research design; Operationalization of sampling variables; Interviews; Questionnaires; Tests; Social scales; Use of documents. This entire structure was designed with the aim of, after applying the concepts taught and at the end of reading, the student being able to analyze, interpret and execute the research report.

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