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Book, Sales Method by Napoleon Hill, O[LS]

Book, Sales Method by Napoleon Hill, O[LS]


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The Most Complete Compilation of Napoleon Hill's Writings on Persuasion, Marketing, and Sales Techniques Few people understood the art of selling as well as Napoleon Hill. He became a legend in business circles for creating sales courses capable of boosting previously insolvent companies. Hill's success philosophy for salespeople was simple - you, the salesperson, are the most valuable asset and you need to sell yourself first. Present a solution to a problem and the sale will happen naturally. Find here the best of Napoleon Hill's writings about his sales courses. Nothing happens in the business world until a sale happens. The salesperson is the harbinger of triumph, success and development. Always remember this: you, the seller, are the soul of any business. When approaching someone, level your energy and power by looking the person in the eye, with a firm handshake. Have a powerful sales personality. Solve a customer need. At this moment, there needs to be an energy of mutual respect. Get ready: this book will give you the secret to ignite the burning desire to sell and make your own success. Jamil Albuquerque - President MasterMind and Global Advisor to the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

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