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Book, Forensic Medicine (France) 11/17[LS]

Book, Forensic Medicine (France) 11/17[LS]


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More than 40 years of tradition in Legal Medicine! The mission of expertise is not just to “see and report”, it is also to discuss, substantiate and even deduce, if necessary, so that the search for truth is carried out through a broader model of persuasion, especially when some evidence is indicative or suggestive of the existence of certain facts. The medico-legal evidence must not only be based on a merely descriptive technical report, but must be justified by a process of logical and rational justification. Based on these reflections, the book Medicina Legal, now in its eleventh edition, presents the most accurate information and expert practices to students and operators in the legal and medical areas, in addition to the adaptations of legal diplomas recently incorporated to the subjects covered.

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