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Book, Didactic, Objective and Practical Financial Mathematics 1/16[LS]

Book, Didactic, Objective and Practical Financial Mathematics 1/16[LS]


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Financial Mathematics is instinctive. After all, everyone uses this tool every day, even if they don't realize it, either investing or taking resources. Financial Mathematics hits us from all sides at all times. It is natural for human beings to feel afraid of the incomprehensible, and Mathematics, in general, is a highly avoided environment. And this is the main purpose of this book: to learn Financial Mathematics without fear! The book is structured with concepts and fundamentals of simple and compound capitalization and its practical applications through proposed examples and exercises. The resolution, using the algebraic method and Excel, is also available for online consultation. Textbook for the Financial Mathematics discipline of Business Administration, Accounting Sciences, Economics and Financial Management courses, as well as for postgraduate courses. Recommended reading for professionals in all areas, financial or non-financial. Follow our publications, sign up and receive information by email (Click here!)

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