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Book, Merck Veterinary Manual 10/14[LS]

Book, Merck Veterinary Manual 10/14[LS]


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When it comes to animal health, the answers aren't always clear That's why the new Merck Veterinary Manual (10th edition) – the most comprehensive and trusted reference for veterinarians – now features hundreds of full-color images, including illustrations , photomicrographs, radiographs, ultrasounds and endoscopies. Additionally, the more than 3,000 pages have been updated to reflect the latest advances in veterinary medicine. This new edition features comprehensive coverage of all common domestic animals and exotic and laboratory animals, as well as a meticulously revised zoonoses reference table. These new features make this work indispensable! Ten new chapters make this edition the most comprehensive yet: African Hedgehogs Biology of the Immune System Cloning of Domestic Animals Alternative and Complementary Veterinary Medicine Abnormalities of Potassium Metabolism Equine Metabolic Syndrome Poisonous Mushrooms Diseases Caused by Porcine Circoviruses Pseudopregnancy in Goats Seminal Vesiculitis in Bulls

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