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Book, Grooming, Hygiene and Care Manual for Dogs and Cats 1/08[LS]

Book, Grooming, Hygiene and Care Manual for Dogs and Cats 1/08[LS]


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Caring for the animal's coat is one of the responsibilities of dog and cat owners. There are several types of coats, as there is a big difference between the time it takes to groom a Doberman and an Old English Sheepdog or a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. This publication provides extremely important information for groomers, breeders and owners; It will also be of invaluable value to professionals and technicians who work with the hygiene and care of dogs and cats. All hygiene and care techniques are described step by step, with instructions illustrated by photographic sequences. This work also includes related topics such as skin care, common parasites, basic first aid, and pet handling. A step-by-step, well-illustrated guide dedicated to grooming techniques and health problems in dogs and cats. Written by two professional animal carers and an experienced veterinary nurse, who also gives lectures on animal health care. Ideal for those who work with animal hygiene and care. It presents some parts on related topics, from skin anatomy to first aid.

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