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Book, Manual of Scientific Research Methodology 4/16[LS]

Book, Manual of Scientific Research Methodology 4/16[LS]


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Theory and method must be understood as interdependent areas. Both – theory and method – seek to achieve the objective of the research, offering an answer to the problem that aroused investigation. Without disregarding the theory/method relationship, this book chooses the method as a priority, seeking to make it available to the researcher. Thus, the work is a guide prepared for teaching purposes which, in its form and content, especially for distance education courses, presents the main concepts of research methodology, its steps and instructions to assist students, teachers and researchers in the production of a scientific work: monograph, dissertation and doctoral thesis. Its preparation was based on recognized works on the subject, respecting the standards of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) for scientific publications. The author was particularly concerned that, based on the main elements of a research project, the researcher's effort results in good quality work, adding knowledge to the field of study of Social Sciences, mainly in Administration, Economics, Accounting, Political Sciences, Sociology, Pedagogy and Law. Textbook for the disciplines Scientific Research Methodology and Research Seminar for undergraduate and postgraduate courses (specialization, master's and doctorate) in Administration, Accounting, Economics, Political Sciences, Sociology, Pedagogy and Law. Follow our publications, sign up and receive information by email (Click here!)

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