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Book, Hydraulic and Sanitary Installations Manual 2/21[LS]

Book, Hydraulic and Sanitary Installations Manual 2/21[LS]


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Reference in hydraulic and sanitary installations. With exercises and examples validated by practice to solve real cases, this book is in accordance with current technical standards, technological advances and new materials and execution practices. Among the topics covered in the manual are: cold drinking water, sanitary sewage, rainwater, firefighting protection, chilled water, hot water, fuel gas (natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas), oxygen and materials used in the facilities. Why have a Hydraulic and Sanitary Installations Manual? By Archibald Joseph Macintyre and updated by Carlos Alexandre Bastos de Vasconcellos, this book has been a reference for teachers and students of Civil Engineering and Architecture courses and a guide for professionals who work in these areas areas, especially for those who work with the design of building installations.?

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