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Book, Technical Drawing Manual for Engineering Des Model Vi 2/15[LS]

Book, Technical Drawing Manual for Engineering Des Model Vi 2/15[LS]


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This second edition of the Manual of Technical Drawing for Engineering – Drawing, Modeling and Visualization addresses a fundamental topic for those newly enrolled in undergraduate studies and offers the content in a clear, concise and objective way. Its didactic basis is centered on projection theory, and the instrumental, in freehand drawing, an essential requirement for the creation of engineering projects to which students will be introduced throughout their academic life. In addition, a special chapter stands out in which computer-aided design is addressed with an emphasis on parametric modeling. This new edition brings the following features: • complete coverage of curves and surfaces in NURBS modeling, • three new chapters and one chapter complete overview of drawings in conical perspective – content that in the previous edition was presented as an appendix, • more than 30 worksheets for freehand drawing, introduced throughout the text. The countless drawing problems make up an indispensable example of the practical application of the concepts covered throughout the book. Teachers in the area will also be able to find supplementary materials on the LTC Editora – GEN | Grupo Editorial Nacional, accessible through registration.

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