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Book, Macroeconomics Theory and Applications of Economic Policy 4/18[LS]

Book, Macroeconomics Theory and Applications of Economic Policy 4/18[LS]


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This book aims to present in a clear and didactic way the main concepts and models that are part of modern macroeconomic analysis. It was prepared by a team of professors from the area of ​​economics at USP in São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto and was based on programs taught in Macroeconomic Theory subjects in the vast majority of undergraduate centers in the country and requested in exams and public competitions. This new edition presents important changes compared to the third. Initially, the numerous suggestions from professors and undergraduate and postgraduate students in Economics should be highlighted. These contributions allowed us to think about and implement numerous changes to the text, in order to make it more modern and at the same time didactic. To this end, several structural changes were made. The work was also designed to serve scholars seeking approval in public competitions, including the Master's Exam in Economics, carried out by ANPEC (National Association of Postgraduate Centers in Economics). Textbook for the subjects Macroeconomic Theory I, II and III and Social Accounting of the Economics and Administration courses.

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