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Book, Business Logistics Transp Adm Materials Dist Fís 1/93[LS]

Book, Business Logistics Transp Adm Materials Dist Fís 1/93[LS]


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This is a book about managing the flow of goods and services in profit-oriented and non-profit organizations. The subject is vital and absorbs a substantial part of an organization's operating budget, including transportation activities, inventory management, order processing, purchasing, storage, materials handling, packaging and production scheduling. The emphasis is on the principles and concepts that serve as guides for decision-making. The subject is brought to the reader gradually. Each section offers perspectives, insight, understanding and skill development, focusing on Physical Distribution, Materials Management, Service Level, Traffic Management, Product Handling and Packaging, and Inventory Controls, among other topics. Textbook for the business logistics/logistics administration discipline of Business Administration and Production Engineering courses. Recommended for updating professionals in the areas of Production, Purchasing, Materials and Transport.

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