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Book, Logistics and Distribution Chain Management 5/21[LS]

Book, Logistics and Distribution Chain Management 5/21[LS]


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Written by a Brazilian specialist in the areas of logistics and transport, with extensive professional and academic experience, this work is, at the same time, a textbook for courses in Logistics, Business Administration, Marketing, Production Engineering and Engineering of Transport. Furthermore, it serves as a reference for professionals and executives who work in the production chain, which is today highly competitive and demanding in terms of cost reduction, improving the level of service for the end consumer and use of new technologies. The book begins with a review of the forms and characteristics of commerce, including electronic commerce, and discusses, with the presentation of current cases, the evolution of Supply Chain Management and its impacts on logistics. It then analyzes new trends in reverse logistics and the modern structuring of distribution channels and their implications for the value chain and physical distribution of products. It then deals with methods for forecasting demand and improving the level of customer service, with the presentation of several cases and examples. In the operational part, the vehicle routing problem is addressed, including classification, mathematical modeling and applications, followed by a chapter on ABC costing, with examples and cases. In a new chapter, the trends in the evolution of logistics in the face of the so-called Industry 4.0 are analyzed, in which manufacturing will be fully automated, with different cases.APPLICATIONTextbook for the disciplines Business Logistics, Product Distribution and Production Chain Management. Additional reading for the subjects Logistics Systems, Marketing, Business Administration, Product Transport, Cost Accounting, Globalization. Highly recommended reading for professors and university students, postgraduate students (specializations, MBAs, stricto and lato sensu masters and PhDs) and professionals in the areas of business administration and marketing, production and transport engineers, as well as executives.?

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