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Book, Finding the Right Acupuncture Points 1/13[LS]

Book, Finding the Right Acupuncture Points 1/13[LS]


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There are many books on acupuncture points, but there is a lack of explanations, by specialized professionals, on how to actually select, find and use the points themselves. This book will allow the reader to “look over the specialist's shoulder” to discover what is done in the clinic. Locating the Right Acupuncture Points does just that. Shudö Denmei, master of the meridian therapy movement in Japan, chose 160 of his favorite points, the most used in his clinic. Here he explains how to use palpation to find these points and determine if they are active. This way he identifies the particular conditions most suitable for each point, instead of just citing a list with all possible indications. Equipped with unique knowledge and charming stories based on decades of experience, and with more than 90 drawings, this master highlights each of these points. This book is a mandatory reference for every professional and is a true treasure.

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