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Book, Introduction to the works of Freud, Ferenczi, Groddeck, Klein, Win[LS]

Book, Introduction to the works of Freud, Ferenczi, Groddeck, Klein, Win[LS]


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For the first time in a single volume, the great authors of psychoanalysis, their lives and works are brought together. A true working tool for specialists and students, this book serves as a guide to the works of seven psychoanalysts whose theoretical-clinical perspectives are indispensable to a judicious approach to psychoanalytic thought. Each chapter is dedicated to an author, and comprises a presentation of his life and the fundamental ideas in his work; a selection of thematic excerpts from the work; a chronological table of important events in his life and a bibliographical selection. Under Nasio's direction, a team of collaborators dedicated themselves to the task rigorously. "Let us try well to say what has already been said, and we will have the chance, perhaps, to say something new." This was the methodological perspective that guided the preparation of the book. Always articulating conceptual production with the fruitful vein of clinical experience, the various collaborators knew how to avoid both the linearity of orthodoxy and caricatured simplifications, thus preserving the inherent density of the works treated. The eminently didactic structure of this Introduction offers a global and systematized view of the main theses that make up the psychoanalytic legacy. In addition to providing access to the works of the great names in psychoanalysis, the authors also intend for this to be a stimulus for the reader to go directly to the sources, turning to the original texts.

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