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Book, Introduction to the General Theory of Administration Visão Abran 10/20[LS]

Book, Introduction to the General Theory of Administration Visão Abran 10/20[LS]


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The 10th edition of the book presents, in a didactic manner, the different approaches to the area of ​​Administration (classical, humanistic, structuralist, neoclassical, behavioral, systemic and contingency), as well as its new characteristics and its current profile. The book gives access to Professor Chiavenato's Virtual Classroom, an innovative tool that brings together various educational objects: videos by the author, texts for reflection and cases for discussion, as well as quizzes, mind maps and an interactive glossary.We arrive in the 21st century facing new challenges in the area of ​​Administration, with disruptive changes, organizational learning, corporate knowledge, flexibility, innovation, intellectual capital, corporate governance, competitiveness and sustainability, in addition to interactive relationships with a huge diversity of stakeholders. The intensive use of emerging technologies in an increasingly connected and complex world directly affects the universe of Administration. This book is aimed at administrators and all those who need a conceptual and theoretical basis essential to administrative practice. It shows the various skills that the administrator has learned throughout this variety of approaches that make up modern Administration, with a single objective: to make organizations more integrated, flexible, innovative, competitive and sustainable and lead them towards a even more successful future. APPLICATIONSBasic and fundamental textbook for the Human Resources or People Management disciplines of Business Administration, Public Administration, Psychology, Sociology, Pedagogy and Accounting Sciences courses. Recommended work for postgraduate courses in Human Resources. Complementary reading for disciplines Industrial Psychology, Work Psychology, Organizational Psychology and Organizational Sociology. Mandatory text for training and development programs for executives who wish to be people managers. Recommended reading for lawyers, doctors, engineers, economists and other professionals who wish to pursue a career in companies and become future people managers.?

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