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Book, History of Economic Thought Introductory Approach 1/86[LS]

Book, History of Economic Thought Introductory Approach 1/86[LS]


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This book, avoiding the tendency of works that choose a model as true and seek to reduce all others to this paradigm, has two defined purposes: to expose the main currents of economic thought that have crystallized in schools and to encourage a return to the sources of this thought. The history of economic thought, no matter how scientific it may be, does not escape a certain subjectivism. To deny this is to deny the very process of knowledge production in the field of social sciences, where every fact is in some way valued. This book moves in this direction, seeking to show that the great economists always started from concrete problems, typical of their time, taking into account, explicitly and implicitly, a certain ideal of society. In this sense, economics may fail to consider ideology and its consequences in the formation of economic thought. Ideology in the economy was treated here with seriousness, depth and rigor. There is a position contrary to this that considers it possible to construct an "economic science" without explicit reference to the existing form of society and the economic, social and political forces acting within that society. This typically neopositivist position was abandoned in this book whose guiding thread is the notion of historicity as a basic category in the formation of economic thought. At the end of each unit, questions are presented to check learning and a small annotated bibliography, which draws attention to the work of great economists.

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