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Book, Veterinary Clinical Hematology and Biochemistry 2/15[LS]

Book, Veterinary Clinical Hematology and Biochemistry 2/15[LS]


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Practical and very well illustrated, Hematology and Biochemistry Veterinary Clinic | 2nd edition is an excellent consultation tool on laboratory diagnostic techniques and their interpretation in veterinary medicine. Much improved, this new edition presents a thoroughly revised and updated text, as well as new chapters that address topics of great importance. All this care guarantees even more valuable content for veterinary medicine students and professionals, especially technicians, pathologists and researchers. Main features • Coverage of a wide variety of species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish • Basic principles and more in-depth explanations regarding diagnostics and laboratory tests • New chapters on molecular diagnostics of malignant hematological neoplasms and lipid-related diseases, as well as a complete review with information that reflects advances in this area • Current information on immunodiagnosis and laboratory diagnosis of renal, endocrine and diseases involving calcium metabolism • More than 70 case studies on interpreting laboratory data and defining the diagnosis

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