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Book, Getúlio 1 (1882-1930) from the formative years to the conquest of power[LS]

Book, Getúlio 1 (1882-1930) from the formative years to the conquest of power[LS]


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Getúlio Dornelles Vargas (1882-1954) is the historical figure most written about in Brazil. However, in the copious bibliography dedicated to him, there has not yet been a complete biography, of a journalistic and objective nature, that seeks to reconstruct in detail the character's personal and political trajectory in the most impartial way possible. The monumental Getúlio trilogy, by Lira Neto, of which the first volume is now released, fills this gap with plenty. Over the course of two and a half years, the author pored over a wide range of documents - many of them unpublished or little explored - to help decipher the “Getúlio sphinx” and show how it was possible for the revolutionary, the dictator , the social reformer and the demagogue. Without disdaining any type of source or archive, Lira Neto used personal letters and official memoranda, private diaries, court records, police reports, newspaper reports, advertising ads, cartoons, hymns, marches, memoirs, interviews , testimonials, etc. The result of this hard work, accompanied by a dive into the historical bibliography about the period, is an engaging, sometimes electrifying story, to which the author's narrative talent gives the vivacity and rhythm of a good novel. The caudillista political heritage, under the aegis of the Gaucho caudillos Julio de Castilhos and Borges de Medeiros; the positivist formation, with a strong anti-Christian tendency later stifled by political convenience; the skirmishes of the bloody regional politics of Rio Grande do Sul; learning about politics (and politicking) at a national level in the capital of the Republic; the ambivalent relations with the old oligarchies and with the lieutenant unrest; the outline of labor ideas and state protection over the relations between capital and labor; the development of a cunning political personality; the oscillating opposition candidacy for the presidency in 1930 and finally the victorious Revolution that liquidated the First Republic and established a new era in Brazilian politics - all of this is vividly narrated in this first volume.

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