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Book, Risk Management and Hydrological Disasters 1/17[LS]

Book, Risk Management and Hydrological Disasters 1/17[LS]


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Urban flooding is a phenomenon increasingly present in the routine of cities. In statistics on natural disasters, floods appear prominently in terms of material and human losses. Project discussions to solve urban flooding have been replacing the simple logic of reducing flooding with a more complete interpretation that considers risk reduction, taking into account the effect that flooding can have on the city, seen as a socioeconomic system. The concept of risk relates the probability of a dangerous event occurring with the damage that could be caused by this event. These damages, in turn, depend on the exposure of system elements and their vulnerability, which materializes through the exposed value, the susceptibility to suffer damage and the capacity to react and return to the reference state, the latter component being associated with the resilience concept. In this context, with the aim of supporting the risk reduction process, this book discusses aspects inherent to risk and its management, associated with floods, floods and floods. To effectively reduce the risk, it is possible to act to: minimize flooding by reducing the generation of runoff and spatial and temporal reorganization of the resulting runoff, reduce the vulnerabilities of the city that suffers flooding, and/or implement measures adaptation to improve future system responses. Furthermore, it is also possible to act at different moments in the risk management cycle, which refer to the stages of prevention, mitigation, preparation, response and recovery.

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