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Book, Nursing Management 3/16[LS]

Book, Nursing Management 3/16[LS]


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Coordinated by Professor Paulina Kurcgant, this book was written entirely by professors from the Department of Professional Guidance at the School of Nursing at the University of São Paulo (USP), committed to the possibilities and challenges that arise in the training of nurses and in the practice of Nursing. . Nursing Management leads the reader to reflect and revisit their professional practice, aiming to advance concepts regarding health and nursing management, as well as discussing the numerous technical, political and ethical issues that permeate the managerial work process. In this 3rd edition, with a reformulated and updated text, in addition to a new chapter, Nurse's Civil Responsibility in Care and Management, the fundamental themes of health organizations are covered in a didactic manner and have new schematic figures that assist in learning.

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