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Book, General Geology 7/17[LS]

Book, General Geology 7/17[LS]


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Unanimously as the basic bibliography for the area, General Geology reaches its seventh edition, revised and updated with the main scientific and technological advances in the sector. Here the bases of Geology are brought together, in full breadth, in a modern presentation, in concise texts and didactic, aided by schematic illustrations, photos, maps and satellite images. These resources complement and facilitate the understanding of this science of fundamental importance for countless activities. There are many applications of Geology: mineral exploration, natural construction materials, dams, road works, environmental impact, soils, erosion, slope stability, underground works, foundations, ports, waste deposits, cartography, groundwater, archaeology, paleontology, speleology, among others. In this sense, General Geology is aimed at students in the areas of Geology, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and some Engineering modalities (Civil, Agronomic , Mines and Energy, among others), as well as technical courses in the area of ​​Geosciences.

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