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Book, Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery 1/14[LS]

Book, Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery 1/14[LS]


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Fundamentals of Small Animal Surgery presents the essential surgical principles for good veterinary practice, ranging from pre-operative patient assessment and preparation of surgical instruments to aseptic technique and post-operative pain management. Developed with the aim of solidifying the foundations of veterinary surgery practice and improving understanding of the application of surgical techniques, this work also features several high-quality illustrations and photographs that complement the detailed descriptions in the text, making it even more valuable. It is, therefore, an important reference for surgical procedure training for veterinary students, in addition to being an excellent source of updating for professionals in the field. Important Features• Clear, detailed text • High-quality illustrations and photographs• Covers topics crucial to surgical procedures, such as positioning, drape placement, and instrument handling• Detailed descriptions of the most common tube placement techniques and miscellaneous illustrations that show the step-by-step technique of canine oophorohysterectomy.

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