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Book, Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing v.1 5/17[LS]

Book, Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing v.1 5/17[LS]


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An essential reference in the various areas of Engineering that work with manufacturing processes, Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing aims to give students an updated, in-depth and quantitative treatment of the topic. Provides balanced coverage of key engineering materials (metals, ceramics, polymers and composite materials) and traditional and newer manufacturing processes, including electronics manufacturing. It also differs in its emphasis on manufacturing science and the use – a pioneer in textbooks in the field – of mathematical models and quantitative problems. In addition to historical notes, practical examples, review questions and problems distributed throughout all chapters, this book has supplementary materials exclusively online, including more than 350 multiple-choice questions on the topics covered in this volume, freely accessible through registration on GEN-IO, GEN virtual learning environment | National Editorial Group.

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