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Book, Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, Performance 8/16[LS]

Book, Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, Performance 8/16[LS]


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As with the publication of the first edition of Exercise Physiology | Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance in 1981, this eighth edition reflects the authors' continued commitment to integrating concepts and science from different disciplines that contribute to a more comprehensive understanding and appreciation of exercise physiology today. Structured into two parts, eight sections and 33 chapters, this work has been revised and updated to offer, in a didactic and objective way, the best content on nutrition, energy transfer and physical training, and their relationship with human performance. Special features: Greater emphasis on the correlation between theoretical concepts and practice Graphic design designed especially to integrate text and figures in an appropriate way for the study More than 500 figures that provide a better understanding of subjects Focus on researchers' contributions to knowledge about physiology exercise, through interviews with prominent scholars in this field Pedagogical resources, including Chapter Objectives and Discursive Questions, which propose questions for reflection on complex concepts, and PSC (For Your Knowledge) boxes, which present up-to-date scientific information Updates that reflect the most recent findings in the field, as well as new information on sports nutrition, fitness and training, body composition and weight control, Exercise in different environments, physical activity and health, and molecular biology Online supplementary material, including assessment questions, bibliographic references and appendices with additional information. Follow our publications, register and receive information by email (Click here!).

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