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Book, Physics for Scientists and Engineers 3 Physics Moder 6/09[LS]

Book, Physics for Scientists and Engineers 3 Physics Moder 6/09[LS]


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The sixth edition of the classic Physics for Scientists and Engineers introduces a new strategic approach to problem solving, in which the Examples are formatted as a consistent sequence of Situation, Solution and Check. This format takes the student through the steps involved in analyzing the problem, its solutions and verifying results. Examples often include helpful Going Further sections, which represent alternative ways of solving problems, facts of interest, or additional information related to the concepts presented. When appropriate, Examples are followed by Practice Problems so that the student can assess your mastery of the concepts. As new features, the work features an integrated Mathematical Tutorial and user-friendly tools. Conceptual Examples and Conceptual Checks that allow for better conceptual understanding. It also brings Pitfall Warnings, identified by an exclamation mark, that help to avoid common alternative conceptions. The new Physics in Focus tables discuss current applications of physics and relate applications to the concepts covered in the chapter.

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